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Higher Education in China

The Higher Education system in china is highly stratified. It is divided into; regular higher education, adult higher education, and self-study programs. China has more than 3,000 higher education institutions of which ninety percent are regular higher education with a population of over 70 percent undergraduate students.

Regular higher education

Many regular higher education institutions in China offer graduation certificates only a few grant degrees.  447 of the regular higher education institutions are private, 275 are independent or quasi-private while 7 are owned by Chinese and foreign educational institutions.

Adult higher education

It is the same as the regular higher education, but the study format is different. It encompasses distant learning, part time study program which is flexible enabling working-class enroll and get their degree certificates. About 30 percent of undergraduate students use this program of higher education.

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Self-study programs

The program is flexible with 12-20 subjects examined depending on the discipline.  The self-study program accepts applications from all levels of study and background. An applicant must register with self-taught higher education examinations committee and be able to complete the program at own speed. Students receive graduation certificate called Biye Zhengshu after satisfactory completion of the course and obtaining satisfactory test results.  Upon successful completion of the self-taught undergraduate program, a student is free to apply for bachelor’s degree certificate; Xueshi xuewei Zhengshu.paper writers online

Admission process

All levels of study have a strict process of admission. Laid down procedures must be followed to the later. To gain admission to regular higher education, you must have great scores in Gaokao held on June 7 and 8 every year and results are out by the end of July. High school graduation must also be satisfactory. There is no age restriction as long as you are past high school senior class. A good number of students take Gaokao annually; 9.9 million. Admission to adult higher education program at any regular university depends on the national adult college entrance examination results.


Most higher education institutions in China offer a college program for 2-3 years where a graduation certificate is offered. They mainly focus on practical and occupation skills, and the graduates of the program are directly observed in the workforce. A graduate of the program can choose to apply for a bachelors program which will take 3 years more.


A degree is offered to pursuant to bachelor programs. Only a few higher education institutions offer bachelor degree programs; there are three ladders of degree in China, they include;

Bachelor’s degree

 It takes four years, but architecture, medicine, and engineering take five years of study. The curriculum consists of elective subjects, compulsory subjects, internship and a thesis. Upon fulfillment, the grand-aunt is awarded a graduation certificate as well as a bachelor degree certificate

Master’s degree

After bachelor degree, you can apply for master’s degree program. It takes 3 years with academic taking 1 year while professional program takes 2 years. A master’s degree certificate is awarded upon completion

Doctoral degrees

This is the highest level offered in China and takes 3 years. Student at this level is expected to complete coursework, pass the final exam, write and defend a dissertation. Upon successful completion, a doctoral degree certificate (boshi xuewei zhengshu) is awarded.

All the levels of study are accredited by the higher education evaluation center (HEEC).,_%C4%B0zmir

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